What is a Traineeship?

A traineeship is an education and training programme, for those aged 16 to 24 and not in any education, training, or employment. Traineeships incorporate work experience, preparing young people with the work-ready skills needed to gain an apprenticeship or employment. At Optimum Skills, our traineeship programmes are 8 to 15 weeks of unique and exciting opportunities, including;

“I joined the Construction Traineeship straight out of school after receiving my GCSE’s. I’ve gained knowledge of joinery and the skills to do it, joinery was something I knew I wanted to do. The benefits of doing a traineeship are that you get to practice the skills and then you’re able to apply them to a working environment. I’m enjoying doing something new as I’ve never done joinery, bricklaying, or roofing before.”
Natasha, Construction Traineeship Learner

Our Traineeship Stories

Why Choose a Traineeship with Optimum Skills?

At Optimum Skills we want to give young people in our local communities the chance to develop and demonstrate their capabilities in the workplace, through this traineeship programme, we will prepare them with the skills and knowledge needed. For many young people college and sixth form may not have suited them, and without the qualifications and experience it may be difficult to for them to find an apprenticeship.

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