Safeguarding and Prevent 

Optimum Skills are committed to safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of all our learners.

Safeguarding aims to protect the welfare of apprentices and young people from sexual, physical or emotional harm or abuse. This involves putting into place a number of measures to create a safe environment in which apprentices can thrive and achieve. As well as creating a safe, transparent and professional environment for staff and employees. We offer a high standard of pastoral support at Optimum Skills. Our apprentices will be able to contact our pastoral care team if they need help or advice with any issues they may have throughout the duration of their apprenticeship.


Another aspect of safeguarding is the Prevent duty which requires Optimum Skills to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism, supporting terrorism or being drawn into non-violent extremism.”

The Optimum Skills Safeguarding Team

In order to provide outstanding support for our learners, we have a dedicated Safeguarding Team of trained professionals who can offer advice and guidance.

If learners have any concerns over their own safety and welfare, or the safety and welfare of any other they should discuss this with their Assessor/Tutor, a Safeguarding and Welfare Officer or a member of the Safeguarding Team.

Learners are able to contact the Safeguarding Team by phone or email.

Office: 01325 311832       Email:

Meet our Designated Safeguarding Officers

Lead Designated Safeguarding and Prevent Officer

Deputy Lead Safeguarding  and Prevent Officer


Designated Safeguarding and Prevent Officer

Designated Safeguarding and Prevent Officer
Designated Safeguarding and Prevent Officer
Designated Safeguarding and Prevent Officer