Employability Programmes

Struggling with time and resources to recruit new staff?

Optimum Skills will support your business in recruiting new team members at no cost. We advertise for your positions, and source and train the best candidates on our high-quality industry-specific training programmes.

Candidates will receive recognised qualifications alongside building valuable skills and knowledge making them work ready and fit to meet your business needs.

We ensure candidates are fully knowledgable in your sector at the end of each course, with no cost to the employer or candidates.

In today’s business environment, there are many opportunities to work in partnership with training providers and colleges to deliver employability programmes for your organisation.  The aim of the programmes are to take the cost and time out of recruitment and to give employers a competitive edge.

So what makes Optimum Skills different?

We do not believe that one size fits all, we believe that simple, bespoke programmes teaching learners the basics of your industry will supply candidates that are more driven, that want to work in the industry, and that are more likely to succeed.  We will also work with you to develop similar processes and procedures, which means that we will be able to deliver bespoke training.  We also believe in collaboration/partnership working, allowing us to undertake inductions and assist with risk assessments/health and safety.

We won’t just teach skills, we will ensure candidates have the right aptitude and attitude as well, as we believe these are the foundations for success.

In short, we will save you time and money, and we will help you to achieve that competitive advantage.

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