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Jake – Construction Traineeship

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Course:  Construction Traineeship
What were you doing prior to the Construction Traineeship?

“I just finished School in the summer. I started with Optimum Skills on my Traineeship shortly after.”

Why did you choose the Construction Traineeship?

“I was always interested in getting into Construction, that’s why I chose the Traineeship. In School I did things like tech as that was the closest thing to construction.”

What skills do you want to gain?

“I hope to gain an apprenticeship in roofing. I’ve learned a lot of things like how to measure tiles, where to put them, different techniques in roofing, so I hope to gain more of these skills.”

What do you think the benefits of a Construction Traineeship are?

“It helps you improve before just going straight into a job without knowing anything. So it gives you a bit more experience on what you’re supposed to be doing.”

How has the support been from the tutors?
“They’ve helped me improve on certain things which I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t come here. They’ve done a lot of 1-1 teaching with me, which I might not have got if I’d have gone somewhere else.”

What have you learnt so far?

“I’ve learnt a lot about roofing like, which tiles should be the overhangs and why these tiles need to be different, how to take measurements for tiles. I wanted to do roofing because of my uncle, I want to learn how to do a lot of the stuff on the roof to be able to help out.”

What is your favourite part so far?

“I’ve liked doing stuff hands-on, roofing, being outside, trying to work out stuff, also being mates with people here as well.”

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