Jack – Construction Traineeship to Bricklaying Apprenticeship

Case Study

Learner Journey

Jack is a young learner who came to The Academy with a little knowledge of construction already. He became more confident as the course went on, showed good progression and the correct attitude throughout. Jack had previously completed some construction training elsewhere but needed to concentrate more on certain aspects of Health and Safety, and his practical skills. At the Construction Academy, learners can demonstrate practical aspects of health and safety in the simulated construction environment, whilst learning the hands-on skills needed.

Learner Progression

Throughout the traineeship he was able to improve and develop his functional skills in maths and English, with the help of our Specialist Functional Skills Tutor, Nicola. Jack progressed by achieving his Health and Safety in a Construction Environment and his Basic Construction Skills.

“I think my greatest achievement at the Academy has been gaining my Health and Safety Qualification as this is really important, so that I know how to be safe when on site.” – Jack

The traineeship has been a positive experience for Jack, as it has given him the confidence in his ability to learn and develop his skills on his apprenticeship with Lawson Construction, and really helped to prepare him for going on site.

“The traineeship has upskilled me to have more confidence to talk to clients, work mates and other employers. I have gained specific knowledge with different types of training; first aid and health and safety so that I know how stay safe.” – Jack

“My favourite moments of the course were the group sessions where we all took part, they were fun and helped me build my teamwork skills.” – Jack

Next Steps

Jack’s next steps will be working towards his Apprenticeship, whilst being supported by his employer and attending The Academy on day release to continue his learning.

“Jack was a great lad to teach and was willing to learn skills to enhance his chances on gaining employment, which he did and will be a great asset to Lawson Construction.” – Tutor

“I have enjoyed my time at Optimum Skills and learnt a lot at the Construction Academy which I can use on my apprenticeship, I would recommend it to anyone. I’m looking forward to my apprenticeship and having a long and successful career in construction.” – Jack

“I am impressed with Jack onsite and I was also impressed with the set up at the Construction Academy, which is a great environment to learn.” – Employer (Lawson Construction)

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