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A traineeship is an education and training programme, for those aged 16 to 24 and not in any education, training, or employment. 


Qualifications We Offer

As mental health is one of the most pressing issues at this time, this course has been designed to raise awareness of mental health, so participants can develop the skills and knowledge needed to help/support those affected by mental ill health.

The course is ideal for those who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of
mental health principles, they will learn useful skills that will benefit their career progression.

Course will cover:
• Awareness of Mental Health

This qualification has been designed to develop learners’ understanding of a variety of wellbeing topics and the impact that they can have, they will also gain knowledge of a variety of topics relating to personal well-being.
Course will cover:
• Stress and stress management
• Awareness of the importance of health eating and drinking for adults
• Alcohol awareness
• Dementia Awareness
• Personal Safety

Understanding mental health first aid in the workplace can have many effective outcomes for employers and their staff. It raises awareness of mental health, reduces stigma, promotes open conversation and discussion around well-being and encourages early intervention to aid recovery.

Now more than ever, we need people in our workplaces to be supported when it comes to mental ill health and through our fully funded training, we can equip your workforce with the skills that are needed to support themselves and colleagues.

Course will cover:
• Explore Mental Health
• Understand how to support individuals with mental ill health
• Understand a mentally healthy environment

This qualification is designed to increase learners’ awareness and understanding of behaviour that challenges and its effects.

By completing the qualification, learners will develop in-depth knowledge of behaviour that challenges which could support progression onto other appropriate qualifications and into relevant employment in the health and social care sector. It could be useful to learners working in education settings.

Course will cover:
• Understand how to support positive behaviour
• Understand the importance of effective communication
• Understand the role of reflection and support for those involved in incidents of behaviour that

This qualification has been designed to address new legislation in this area, reinforcing the importance of Equality and Diversity within different contexts and ensuring that learners gain an understanding of the different issues affecting Equality and Diversity in today’s society, the community and the workplace.

Course will cover:
•The concepts of equality and diversity in a variety of environments including society, the community and the workplace.
•Highlight how stereotyping and labelling affect individuals.
•Outline the effects of prejudice and discrimination.
•Examine rights and responsibilities.
•The importance of taking individual responsibility and action to help and support others.
•Provide a basis for further study and/or career development.

This course is suitable for anyone working in, or looking to work in a role which involves the giving of information, advice, or guidance.

The knowledge gained on the course will be transferable across a wide range of sectors, allowing individuals to apply the knowledge to their own employment context.

Course will cover:
• Information, advice, or guidance in practice
• Developing interaction skills for information, advice, or guidance
• Signposting and referral in information, advice, or guidance
• Information, advice, or guidance – context
• Specialist advice work in practice – employment
• Operating within networks to support information, advice, or guidance.

This qualification has been designed to increase learners’ knowledge and awareness of the Prevent Duty and Safeguarding including online safety, this will help those who are responsible for safeguarding others as well as developing their knowledge of safeguarding in an environment where they have a duty of care or are looking to take on the role of safeguarding lead.

Course will cover:
• Prevent Duty
• Safeguarding
• Online Safety

Optimum Skills are offering an exciting routeway into warehousing, which includes qualifications, knowledge and skill building which enables participants to progress into work. This 8-day training opportunity with Optimum Skills will suit those who are looking to gain the qualifications and skills needed to work in warehousing. Learn about areas of warehousing and storage, how to receive and store goods, how to process orders and prepare them for dispatch, how to check stock and update records, and customer service in warehousing and storage.

Course will cover:
• Warehousing and storage
• Receiving and storing of goods
• Preparation and processing orders
• Customer service

Optimum Skills are offering an exciting routeway into production/manufacturing, which includes qualifications, knowledge and skill-building which enables participants to progress into work. They include Level 2 Award in Industrial Environment Awareness or Level 2 Lean in Manufacturing. The courses could also include, Level 1 Award in Health and Safety, Level 1 Food Production for Manufacturing. The programme is delivered through the completion of a workbook, with a range of other practical activities, tutorials, videos, practical activities like identifying hazards and completing risk assessments, and discussions on relevant legislation including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

We have a range of employers we are partnered with throughout the Northeast who are hiring for trained and qualified team members.

Course will cover:
•Areas of effective communication and working effectively
•Health and Safety in the working/industrial environment
•Rights and responsibilities

Lean management is a recognised management tool used across industries around the world. Thanks to its core values and positive impact on business performance, it is a recognised technique that has many benefits including:
• Increased performance and understanding of processes
• Financial savings
• Less waste
• Reduced lead time

We can support you with fully funded training to:
• Understand lean organisation techniques in business
• Know and understand business improvement tools and techniques
• Know and understand how to work effectively in a business team

This qualification provides learners with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the principles of safer manual handling, the course has been designed to help raise awareness of the risks associated with unsafe manual handling practices, it is also ideal for those who might have to carry out manual handling as part of their job.

Course will cover:
• Importance of safe manual handling
• How manual handling risk assessment contributes to improving health and safety
• The principles, types of equipment and testing requirement associates with manual handling safely

Optimum Skills are offering an exciting routeway into the customer service industry, which includes qualifications, knowledge and skill building that enables participants to progress into work. This 8-day training opportunity with Optimum Skills involves learning how to deal with a range of customer service situations. This includes good and bad call handling, dealing with difficult customers, communication skills both verbal and written, complaint handling, and understanding principles of excellence in customer service.

Course will cover:
• Effective communication and working effectively
• Dealing with customer enquiries, bookings, and complaints

Perfect for line managers, supervisors and team leaders those who are wanting to develop their leadership skills. We can help you build effective leadership skills through our fully funded training.

Course will cover:
• Develop productive relationships
• Communicate effectively
• Understand conflict and how to manage it
• Understand different leadership styles and how to lead, motivate and develop your team
• How to lead to achieve objectives
• Understand work related difficulties and how to find solutions
• How to monitor and evaluate performance

This qualification has been developed to introduce learners to the initial skills and knowledge required to enter the hospitality sector, it will support those who are new to both the general requirements of the industry and the specific requirements for food and beverage or catering.

Course will cover:
• Introduction to the hospitality industry
• Customer service in the hospitality industry
• Front office operations
• Preparing and serving drinks
• Introduction to healthy eating
• Practical barista skills

The assessment & training course is made specifically for working construction site supervisors or foremen, typically overseeing occupationally related operatives from the same trade. Your work must be more site-based, rather than office-based, and your role should involve activities that help organise project workflow by liaising with the site management and communicating vital information to the involved operatives.

Course will cover:
• Confirming the occupational method of work in the workplace.
• Confirming work activities and resources for an occupational work area in the workplace.
• Coordinating and organising work operations in the workplace.
• Developing and maintaining good occupational working relationships in the workplace.
• Implementing and maintaining health, safety and welfare in the workplace.
• Monitoring progress of work against schedules in the workplace.

Benefits of Lean Management to the organisation:
• Improved quality control
• Significantly lowered costs
• Improved efficiency
• Reduced waste
• Better team spirit
• Easily defined customer values
• Better focus on activities that bring value
• Better and more efficient use of resources
• Supports working towards Net-Zero targets

Benefits of Sustainability and Environmental Awareness: Sustainability will boost your company’s brand value – Environmental awareness and good ethical standards, evidence moral well being within the business sector. Actively demonstrating, working towards a greener future.

Course will cover:
• Environmental impact and awareness
• Sustainability within construction
• Carbon footprint
• Climate change
• Waste and hazards


This course will give you an introduction to project management, allow a good understanding of terminology and a project life cycle. It will give you the skills to identify the needs, aims and objectives of the project, how to use relevant tools to plan the life of the project and stages of communications, incorporate Gantt charts based on budgets, risk management and objective achievements.

Benefits of project management:
• Improves productivity and reduces costs and workload
• Improves collaboration
• Improves customer satisfaction
• Helps you improve your performance
• Helps with problem resolution

Whilst gaining knowledge and understanding of project management, you will also look at an organisation’s environmental, sustainability and ethical responsibilities. Understand monitoring techniques, stakeholder communications and achieve the completion and closure of project.