Beth – Construction Traineeship to Bricklaying Apprenticeship

Case Study

Learner Journey

Beth joined the Optimum Skills Construction Academy on a traineeship in Darlington, not knowing what she wanted to do, or what direction to go in. After a week of training she started to get into her stride. At the academy she was given the opportunity to try joinery, but found it wasn’t for her. Beth found bricklaying much more enjoyable and gained confidence in her ability. She felt comfortable with bricklaying, excelling in the craft. Her building work exceeded her expectations and some of her work reached the levels of fully qualified bricklayers, according to her tutor.

Learner Progression

The Client Relations Manager contacted Willmott Dixon to see if there were any opportunities for her as a trainee, to complete some work experience. They were extremely impressed with her bricklaying experience and abilities and the fact that Beth was the first female to complete the Construction Traineeship. They quickly made the decision to keep Beth, valuing what a passionate and dedicated learner she is. Beth has now secured an Apprenticeship with Shaw Construction the subcontractors to Willmott Dixon and is loving every moment of it. Beth is extremely happy with both companies and really progressing through her Apprenticeship. She is part of a team and well respected by her peers.

Beth was lacking in confidence when she came to Optimum Skills Construction Academy. She had no training or employment experience, but, she had strong grades from school. Beth didn’t have the self-confidence to believe in herself, through her time with Optimum Skills she has been able to develop this, seeing her own abilities grow and develop. She has grown significantly in confidence, laughing and joking and finally believing in her ability to do well and exceed in her chosen profession.

Through time Beth overcame her barriers, feeling comfortable in the Construction Academy, making friends and building her confidence by producing top quality work through her learning and building techniques. Her work placement also gave her a boost in confidence as her co-workers really appreciated her and helped her along the way. They guided Beth and treated her like one of the team from day one.

Next Steps

Her confidence levels are much higher now because she has finally found something that she enjoys and does very well, working with like-minded individuals that want the same for her as she wants for herself.

Beth has a great future ahead of her with a great company, she will grow with her Apprenticeship and learn new things. Beth has ambitions to eventually go into a management role, such as Site Manager or Architect, she has a great deal of vision now moving forward in her role.

Gaining an apprenticeship, Beth will keep on learning and developing in the role she enjoys, and the person she now believes in.

“Beth has been a credit to Optimum Skills her bricklaying skills are incredible she’s as good as any fully qualified builder, she listens and takes notice of everything that is asked of her. We all wish Beth every success in her career moving forward and I know that with her commitment and her positive attitude she will go far.” – Bricklaying Tutor

“I have had a great time at Optimum and have learnt a lot, they have gone out of their way to help me get through some really tough times. I am a different person today and know that I am in a career that I enjoy, and I have a great future in construction.”- Beth

“Beth is a hard-working young person, eager to help and learns very quickly. She is always keen to help where needed and we are proud of her development. Beth is representing herself very well and has been a genuine joy to be involved with. Many a misconception has been removed shall we say, given the scope and physical efforts of her work thus far.”- John Charlton (Health and Safety Manager for Shaw Construction)

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