Jason – Construction Traineeship to Apprenticeship

Case Study

Learner Journey

Jason came to the Construction Academy with some previous experience of the construction environment. Prior to joining the Construction Academy, Jason had attended a course with another provider. He became disillusioned with the styles of learning and unfortunately did not progress onto an apprenticeship. Jason took the decision to enrol on a Traineeship Course with Optimum Skills Construction Academy, taking the opportunity to develop his skills further and progress onto an Apprenticeship.

Learner Progression

During Jason’s time at the Optimum Skills Construction Academy, he demonstrated a fantastic commitment to learning; both on site and in the classroom. Brickwork was his preferred choice as he was more confident in this vocational area.

“My favourite part of the course was completing an arch wall to a high standard and using different techniques to complete other types of walls, also to high standards.” – Jason

In addition to the key trade skills, Jason has developed his functional skills (maths and English) by attending sessions with the Optimum Skill’s Functional Skills Specialist. Once he achieved his Construction Qualification and completed his work experience, he successfully secured an Apprenticeship with an Employer.

“My greatest achievement on the course was completing all the course work, learning new skills and moving into an apprenticeship after my work placement.” – Jason

“I’ve learnt new skills which I didn’t have before and this has helped me gain an Apprenticeship. I haven’t been an Apprentice for long, but I’m learning loads of new skills, not just in bricklaying but other trades as well, which will help me when I’m on site.” – Jason

Next Steps

Jason is looking forward to learning all he can on his apprenticeship with B & C Building and developing a long career in construction.

“Jason was a great learner who excelled in brickwork, whilst also producing some great work in the other trades.” – Tutor

“I have enjoyed my experience with Optimum Skills as they have given me the opportunity to gain an apprenticeship.” – Jason

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