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Steven – Skills Bootcamp in Construction

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Course:  Skills Bootcamp in Construction
What were you doing prior to the Construction Skills Bootcamp?

“I used to work in a factory. I’ve been working in factories for the past ten years, driving trucks, loading and unloading wagons. I’ve worked at lots of factories, mainly in the automotive industry.”

Why did you choose the Construction Skills Bootcamp?

“I’ve always been interested in construction, and engineering as well, I enjoy working with my hands. This is very fun, it’s been a good breath of fresh air since I left where I was working and came here. It’s eye-opening to see what other work can be like. I mean it was very monotonous working in factories but, this is something new every day, something different, and I enjoy it, it’s a good challenge.”

What skills have you gained from the Construction Skills Bootcamp?

“So far I’ve learnt how to lay roofing felt, install battens, how to work out gauge for single lap tiles and install them and I can now wet verge the top of roofs. None of these things I could do before, but I used to be a sawman, so I can use tape measures and stuff like that and do precision cutting.”

How has the support been from the tutors?
“The tutors have been excellent. You get a lot of support from people who know what they’re doing, which is again, a breath of fresh air. Instead of being taught by someone who isn’t really sure of what they’re doing, they definitely know what they’re doing. We get the same qualified roofer every Wednesday, Chris Messenger, who comes in, he’s excellent, really good.”

What do you think the benefits of the course are?

“Life skills, I can go anywhere with these skills I’ve learned. It’s useful to have construction skills, it’s always useful to have. For around the house, if you know how to build a roof, you know how to build a cabinet, you’re less inclined to phone a company to come and do it for you, because you can do it yourself.”

What skills do you want to gain?

“My speed, the speed that I do things, I do take time because I need to make sure that it’s perfect. But the speed and perfectness, it’ll come eventually and I’ll be able to do the job just as fast and just as efficient as anybody else.”

What is your favourite part so far?

“The roofing itself, I love being outside. I used to be scared of heights but I’m not anymore, I love it.”

 What are your plans for the future?

“I’m going to become a qualified full-time roofer. Either working for myself or getting some experience with another contractor. But, it’s looking like I’m going to work for myself.”

Steven has progressed onto a Roofing Apprenticeship with Optimum Skills to become fully qualified.

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