Moving On Durham – Mental Health First Aid Training

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Moving On Durham


Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid and First Aid Advocacy in the Workplace
What were the reasons for completing the training?

To support members of staff that may be suffering from mental health.

Did the employer have any goals going into the training?
The aim, by the end of the training, was for all frontline members of staff that deal with potentially vulnerable young adults, to acquire the mandated qualification.

What has the impact of the training been in the organisation?

All members of staff that undertook the training now have a better understanding of mental health, as well as recognising the signs and symptoms amongst co-workers. Mental health will now be discussed during the quarterly 1:1 appraisals with department management, and management has also allowed an open door policy to discuss these matters further.

Has there been an impact on the wider community?

Although it is early days, it is hoped our support workers are able to recognise mental health issues amongst their clients (young people), and allow for honest and open discussion.

Have they achieved their goals set out with the training?

Staff now have a better understanding of recognising and handling mental health issues within the workplace, and the culture within the office will be altered to reflect that.

Comments from Employer / Organisation about the training completed with Optimum Skills:

It has been a pleasure to engage with Rachael Lawson and Optimum Skills to undertake the Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid. The training has been very informative, and I feel my knowledge and understanding of the subject has increased since completing the course. Rachael Lawson has also been massively helpful, patient and supportive throughout. I would highly recommend this course by Optimum Skills to anyone looking to better understand mental health in the workplace.

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