Kenny – Warehousing Course

Case Study

Learner Starting Point

“I have been out of work for over 7 months due to health concerns, and I was ready to look at going back in to work. I liked the look of the roles that were advertised as I had previous experience in the sector and really enjoyed that line of work so the training that was being provided was helpful.” – Kenny

“Before starting the course, I had given up my previous job due to ill health which has been resolved and I was looking for a change in career path and because I had previous experience and enjoyed the work, I felt the training being offered was going to be beneficial for me to go back in to this industry.” – Kenny

During the Course

“My confidence has really grown too and I am much happier joining in with group discussions and activities because the group were really nice and we have been able to support each other with writing as this is something that I have struggled with in the past and I would have normally given up or avoided this type of course but because of the group I have been able to complete all of the training. I think my biggest barrier has been not being confident with writing.” – Kenny

“In the first week I felt the group that I was in was really supportive and kept me motivated to continue with the training and in the second week the tutors Kelly and Carolann have helped my understanding by explaining anything that I didn’t understand, given 121 support where needed to help me with my written answers and also taking the time to talk through interview skills which helped me to be able to complete all of the training given and be more confidence about my upcoming interviews.” – Kenny

“I have learned a lot from each part of the course. Mental health awareness was really interesting as I didn’t know much about it and I have learned a lot from it as well as being able to take a lot from completing the employability part of the week as I have been able to use what I have learnt to become more confident about attending job interviews which I have four to attend over the next few days.” – Kenny


“I think the biggest impact has been on my confidence. I feel much more ready to go back into the workplace now. I hope to successfully gain employment from the interviews that I have been put forward for.” – Kenny

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