Kenny – Industrial Environment Awareness Course

Case Study

What were you doing career-wise before the course and what led you to join the course?

“I’m currently signing on, I used to work for a company called Costco and I was there for 6 years. Basically the job centre put me in touch with Reed in Partnership, which passed me over to this course. I was interested to see what the course would be like, and to see what I could get out of it in terms of my CV and stuff like that and I’m glad I joined the course.”

What goals did you have going into the course? (Have you achieved these goals?)

“To get as many qualifications as I can for my CV, because my CV looked pretty poor. So being able to update my CV to help me get back into work is something I wanted to achieve. I’ve definitely achieved these goals through my time on the course.”

What are some skills you have learnt on the course?

“I’ve learnt a lot more about mental health awareness, communicating with people a lot more. Also because I’m dyslexic, the course has helped me not to hold back on that and make it a bit more known because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have passed the course. The tutors have helped through that and if I’d have kept it in, I would have struggled a lot more.”

What have you enjoyed about the course?

“The people and the fact that I felt like I was doing the course with a bunch of friends instead of just coming in to do a course. In a way I feel like they’ve helped me to better myself.”

How will this course help you with your career goals / ambitions?

“I think I’m going forward for a driver’s mate job, but I’m happy to be put forward for anything to gain employment. The course has definitely helped me work towards my goal of gaining employment.”

“I’m going onto another course with Optimum Skills, Customer Service, which I wouldn’t have thought of doing if I wasn’t here. It was the guys at the Academy who walked me through it, where no one has ever walked me through what it means before. So I’m glad they did because now I’m interested in doing that.”

Would you recommend the course to others?

“Oh yeah, definitely, I’ve already spoken to Sophie from Reed in Partnership and said how much I’ve enjoyed it and she’s got a couple of emails off me from the people that work here so she can forward more people that way. She can tell that I’m really pleased with the course and I’m glad she put me forward for it.”

“I’m sad I’m leaving the course, and it’s the thing I was saying to them earlier, what I like about the course more than anything else is, even though you ramble and stuff like that, they still sit back and let you do it. It’s because someone might need to rant a little bit, they listen to what you’ve got to say. They’ve helped me a lot in the way of like it’s comfortable, I don’t feel embarrassed about anything, like spelling, I’m not ashamed to ask the person next me. They made it feel like a group, they made it feel homely, it’s an environment where you are able to learn.”

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