Bethany – Business Administration Apprenticeship

Case Study

Learner Journey

Bethany began her Business Administration apprenticeship with UMi on the 4th March 2019. Following a successful recruitment process with Optimum Skills Bethany was successful in gaining her apprenticeship and is finding the experience very enjoyable. Since deciding that the college environment was not the right path for her development, she approached Optimum Skills about the role at UMi. Unlike college or sixth form, she would be able to work and train in a specific job role alongside her learning.

“I changed colleges and found that it wasn’t for me, and I’m not the type of person for it, I much prefer an apprenticeship actually coming to work and earning money.” – Bethany

Learner Progression

Bethany has enjoyed meeting new people and making friends whilst on her apprenticeship. At the beginning of her apprenticeship Bethany attended a launch party at the centre of life in Newcastle, for the launch of UMI’s rebrand. Bethany has been involved in the rebranding, turning BE Group into UMi. Carrying out tasks such as, changing letterheads, and assisting with changing the office supplies and décor.

Securing an apprenticeship role and earning why learning has enable Bethany to start her driving lessons. As a result, she will soon be able to drive to work rather than getting the bus. Before her apprenticeship.

“I’ve developed lots of personal skills on my apprenticeship including my confidence, and I’ve improved more than I ever did at college. You learn so many skills on an apprenticeship, whilst working that you wouldn’t learn whilst at college. It’s experiencing the real world.” – Bethany

As part of the recruitment process for the role Optimum Skills held workshops in order to engage with individuals who were interested in undertaking an apprenticeship. As a result, UMi were presented with cohort of suitable potential learners.

“Optimum Skills were on the ball and asked all the necessary questions to make sure the candidates they referred were the correct fit not just for the position available but for the business. They are very responsive and the delivery of the qualification to our apprentice is great, the assessor comes to the office regularly for catch ups with the apprentice and manager to make sure everything is on track and running smoothly. The tutor explains everything clearly and makes sure Beth has all of the information she requires to be able to complete the units for her qualification.”

“Bethany has been able to learn a lot of new skills, knowledge and techniques to enable her to take on her own workload which assists in freeing up the HR Business Partner from an administration perspective and other colleagues across the business to be able to get involved in more of the strategic aspects of the business. Bethany has been able to bring new ideas and energy to the business and demonstrate how good it is to bring an apprentice into the team.”

“I would recommend Optimum Skills and apprenticeships to other employers as I think it doesn’t only allow a new employee to build on their skills, knowledge and experience but also allows the business to bring in fresh new ideas and teach someone a whole new set of skills and knowledge which is very satisfying for the business. Apprenticeships shape what businesses are looking for by employing apprentices in specific areas of the business, where they can build up on the skills and behaviour they require whilst growing a talented and engaged team. Apprenticeships can help fill skill gaps and allow the apprentice to not only get the work experience they are looking for but also gain a qualification at the end of it and get paid along the way which is great.”

“Optimum Skills is a good company to work with, they are contactable, supportive and meet regularly not just with the apprentice but with their manager to make sure everything is running smoothly and if there is anything, they can assist with they will. Beth has become an excellent apprentice who produces detailed and well-researched evidence to a very high standard. Originally Beth was very shy and lacked in confidence within the workplace however has now settled into her role, is looking to take on more responsibility and supports her colleagues.” – UMi

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