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Skills Bootcamp in Leading with Digital
What were you doing career-wise before the Skills Bootcamp and what led you to join?

“I’ve been in business for 20 years, treating people as a body psychotherapist. I was never very successful in the digital marketing side of the business; this is something I wanted to improve. I moved to England 4 years ago, and I got an opportunity through UC to do this course. I received the opportunity in a last attempt to succeed in the profession that I love so much.”

What goals did you have going into the Skills Bootcamp? (Have you achieved these goals?)

“When I entered the course, I was curious to see if I would learn new things. The teacher’s knowledge was so practical, and the tools I have received so far have been so effective that I rewrote the website and improved the SEO on my site using the tools I received. My digital visibility has improved, as has my understanding of the subject. At the end of the course, I will make a campaign to promote my business further. Meanwhile, improving everything possible to be accessible to my customers.”

What are some skills you have learnt on the Skills Bootcamp?

“I’ve learnt about SEO, different types of posts Ideas for collaboration, online visibility, and social networks I didn’t know anything about previously. New language – English in advertising, a study of words, and online competitors.”

What have you enjoyed about the Skills Bootcamp?

“Learning new things is always exciting. I’ve enjoyed learning tools that I can use further in my business. The knowledge that Lynne has shared in this Skills Bootcamp, is accessible and expands the imagination.”

How will this Skills Bootcamp help you with your career goals/ambitions?

“The work with AI, the correct use of the tools I received is already expanding my external communication. This Skills Bootcamp will help me grow my online visibility.”

Would you recommend the Skills Bootcamp to others?


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