Josh – Stoneygate Farm Shop (Butchery Apprenticeship Success)

Josh, Butcher at Stoneygate Farm Shop, recently achieved a pass with excellence in his Butchery Level 2 Apprenticeship Qualification!

We visited him at his place of work, Stoneygate Farm Shop, to find out how he found the apprenticeship experience and his thoughts on the feedback received from Terry Fennell, FDQ CEO.

“On behalf of FDQ, I was delighted to note the achievement of Josh Huitson a Level 2 Butcher apprentice who achieved a pass with excellence grade following his endpoint assessment conducted at his employer Stoneygate Farm in October.

Josh is clearly a young butcher going places as to achieve an excellent grade shows a high degree of knowledge and competence in his craft and demonstrates that he was well prepared and confident to complete the three discrete butchery examinations. Passing with excellence is equal to a distinction and achieved only in a minority of cases for the retail butcher apprenticeship.

Congratulations also to Stoneygate Farm for supporting Josh through the apprentice Butcher programme and to Optimum Skills for providing the training and assisting the endpoint assessment preparations. Success all round…” – Terry Fennell FDQ CEO – End Point Assessment Organisation

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