Meet our Stakeholders – Trevor (Business Growth Coach)

Occupation: Founder and Director of Tribero Limited

How many years have you been in business?
20 years as an employee of a corporate company and 10 years working for myself.

What was your first job and how did it mould your future?
Apprentice Footballer. Realising that ability, intelligence, luck, opportunity etc. mean absolutely nothing without motivation, hard work and dedication.

What is your biggest achievement to date so far?
Work: Setting up my own business. Interests: Completing the Fred Whitton bike challenge.

What is your role and purpose as an Optimum Skills Stakeholder member?
Help the Optimum people and team realise how good they can be.

What qualities and experience do you bring to Optimum Skills?
Experience and the opportunity to listen to lots of people – so I can use this information and knowledge to try and help others.

What do you believe are the main strengths of Optimum Skills?
Without a doubt the people, and the passion they show towards supporting the trainees and apprentices.

What do you believe are the main challenges for Optimum Skills?
From a people perspective, working together to develop real trust and effective relationships. Within departmental teams, cross-functionally and at an organisation level.

What advice would you give anyone reading your profile?
Be helpful and nice to people, as if you are, they will probably be helpful and nice back.