Traineeship Learners Inspired by Talk From World Travelled Butcher

A group of traineeship learners currently on the traineeship programme at Optimum Skills in Newton Aycliffe, were inspired and motivated by a talk from previous butcher of Jamie Oliver, Emlyn Hugill.

As part of the traineeship programme, guest speakers are invited to come in to discuss with the trainee’s, different aspects of the sector they work in, their journey into employment and their chosen careers. These talks enhance the learning experience of the trainee’s and give them an insight into different sectors, helping them figure out their future career path.

Optimum Skills were pleased to welcome Emlyn Hugill, a world travelled butcher, who came in and gave a passionate and animated talk to the trainees about the butchery trade and his experience as an apprentice when he first started out.

Emlyn himself is from Newton Aycliffe, he told the trainee’s his story of leaving school at 16 with no qualifications and completing a key skills course before starting his apprenticeship in Butchery. He explained the different aspects of butchery, from what is was like beginning the trade as an apprentice, to all the skills that are learnt along the way. He also explained what an apprenticeship in any sector could be like, including the hard work that needs to be put in from the start, and the rewards and satisfaction the trainees would gain from this.

Speaking about his experiences he told our trainee’s how his apprenticeship in butchery led him to travel the world, performing his trade, including working in Melbourne. He has taken part in competitions including the butchery world cup and has even previously worked for Jamie Oliver at his butchers’ shop in London.

In addition, he spoke to the trainee’s about how they can build their confidence and ideas for selling themselves to employers. He pro-actively engaged with the trainees asking them about their aspirations for the future, what careers they would like to go into and how they could work towards that. He discussed with them the importance of being open to new opportunities and building connections in the working world.

The trainee’s found the session incredibly inspiring with one learner showing an interest in pursuing the butchery trade. The trainees were able to engage in the session and think about the possibilities that pursuing an apprenticeship could open for them. His energy and passion throughout the talk really opened the trainee’s eyes to various sectors, as this is the time for them to figure out the future they want to pursue.

For the trainees, hearing from someone that came from the local area, left school without qualifications and was able to build himself up to be successful in his field, has shown them that taking opportunities and being dedicated and passionate can lead them into fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Optimum Skills are the leading training provider for butchery apprenticeships in the North East, with specialised staff who deliver our bespoke apprenticeship programmes across the North East and Yorkshire.