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Luke – Butcher Apprenticeship

Case Study


McFarlane Family Butchers Ltd.


Level 2 Butchery Apprenticeship
What was your experience on the apprenticeship?

“My experience of this apprenticeship course has been brilliant; it’s been a new chapter of my life, something I never thought I’d ever get into. However, learning the trade has been fantastic, learning different skills, such as boning out, sausage making and the artisan side of the business.”

What impact has your apprenticeship had on you?

“It changed my life and for the better. I never knew what I wanted to do, but now I do. It has made me more focused, more socially skilled and happier in myself than I have ever been.”

What skills, behaviours and knowledge have you learnt on the apprenticeship?

“I’ve learned a vast amount over this course. My customer service has improved dramatically and my skills in processing carcasses have improved massively, I’ve learned all about health and safety, food safety, and hygiene through this course, as well as my knife skills and all about the butchery sector, from when it first began to the modern day, which has helped dramatically.”

How did you find your EPA and how do you feel now you have completed it?
“In all honesty I was dreading the EPA, as a person that doesn’t deal well in exam conditions. However when it came to it the examiner was a very nice man, and I felt confident in doing the EPA. I am so pleased that I have a passed it and gained an amazing qualification.”

How will the apprenticeship help you with your career goals / ambitions?

“This apprenticeship has helped me hugely, I look to start my level 3 in butchery in the near future. This course has set me up for that goal, my ambitions are to become a fully fledged butcher and maybe one day have my own shop.”

Would you recommend becoming an apprentice to others?

“I would advise any young person who does not know a path to take, to take a butchery course. The number of skills both practically and verbally that you can gain from it is endless. If you’re a young person looking into butchery go for it, it will change your life.”

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