Digital Marketer Level 3

Use online and social media platforms to design, build and implement campaigns and drive customer sales.

The digital marketing apprenticeship is for new and existing staff to undertake, to help businesses use online platforms, design, build and implement campaigns and drive sales. The qualification aims to develop different knowledge, skills and behaviours around a variety of online and social media platforms, customer acquisition, customer engagement, customer retention, creating marketing plans and campaigns. The digital marketing role may be a gateway to further career opportunities, such as digital marketing executive, digital marketing co-ordinator, content co-ordinator.

  • Typical Duration: 18 Months

  • Delivery: Day Release

  • Assessment Methods 

    The End Point Assessment will consist of:

    1. Employer reference
    2. Synoptic project
    3. Portfolio of evidence

Training Programme

Knowledge – to learn and gather evidence on
• Principles of coding, marketing principles, customer lifecycle, teamworking, digital and social media strategies, specialist areas, digital etiquette, security.
Skills – to develop, demonstrate and evidence
• Communication, research, technologies, data, customer service, problem solving, analysis, implementation, specialist areas, digital analytics, operating effectively and follows trends/ briefs/standards and continuous integration.
Behaviours – to develop, demonstrate and evidence
• Logical and creative thinking, analytical & problem solving, working independently & take responsibility, initiative, organised, interpersonal skills, communication, maintain professional and secure environment.